Sheppard Art Process

I thought that people might be interested in seeing a little bit of Andrew's process for creating a commission. This isn't a complete look, but it should give you an idea. This was an interesting commission because the character, Beowulf, is well known, but there isn't a consistent vision of him, in the way that there is of Superman. Click here to go back to the main Sheppard page.

The first piece is a few pencil sketches of Beowulf to get a feel for the character


Here is a further prelim. In this one Andrew swapped the spear for an axe. He says, "Doing this unclutters the top of the drawing, allowing more of the dragon to be seen."


This was a color prelim to give the customer an idea of how the colors would look. It was not designed to be a final piece...although if you are like me, you would love to have this piece as is! After I put this up, he sent it to me. Flattery helps!


Here is the piece with the background airbrushed.

This is a fairly detailed pencil prelim to get a feel for where all of the elements will go.


Here Andrew has begun a tonal drawing of Beowulf.



Here is some underpainting on the dragon.


Here is a detail of the dragon after painting. Beowulf is still incomplete.


Here is the completed painting. Every commission is different & some go through more, or fewer revisions along the way. This should give you some idea of what goes into the creation of a finished piece of art. I hope that you enjoyed this look into Andrew Sheppard's painting process.

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